Thursday, 24 March 2016

Coffee Table Captures the Striking Beauty of Blue Lagoon

LA Table is a conceptual design company that disregards the notions of what furniture should look like. Alexandre Chapelin the creator and designer of the company, takes pride in creating artistic, effortlessly striking pieces that are as distinguishing as each of his clients. As part of his Lagoon series, 55 coffee tables seeks to explore the theme of individuality; it is a stand-alone furniture item that offers an aesthetically fair focal point within any room that it is placed. Therefore, each coffee table begins as an individual piece of travertine marble that is carved to reconstruct the depths of the sea, delivering the soothing effects of a tranquil lagoon directly into your living space. Moreover, lively blue resin is particularly poured with a technique that makes a replica the gentle ripples of the ocean tide. 

Alexandre Chapelin states in reference to his business philosophy, I reject the making a manufactured product simply because each model is distinctive and I cannot create two indistinguishable tables, so neither will two people own the same table of my creation. Thus, i have always respected the difference between people their personalities and characters and I have faith in this should reflect in the interior design of their own homes. So, our idea is not for two people to ever own the same table.

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