Thursday, 7 April 2016

Aurora Borealis Mugs, when filled with hot liquid, it shows the Aurora Borealis in the sky

Well, you might not live near the aurora borealis, but now you can have experience it every time you have a cup of coffee. “ThinkGeek” has introduced a distinct heat-changing mug that discloses the magnificent sight of the Northern Lights, when it's filled with hot liquid. Hence, left unheated, it simply displays a strikingly desolate landscape at the base of its handle. It makes us light up and it excites us. The thought of that first cup of coffee can really get us moving in the morning, literally and figuratively.

Therefore, “ThinkGeek” points out that as caffeine roars through our bloodstream to “make us bounce off walls,” it shares a resemblance with the aurora borealis: the particles from solar-winds barrel done the Earth’s magnetospheres and share energy to make a hypnotic sight. However, when they collide with oxygen at lower altitudes, the photons released look green or yellow the same scene that's on the mug. The stunning Aurora Borealis Heat Change Mug is available exclusively through the “ThinkGeek” website.  

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