Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Magical Images of Japan’s Annual Flurry of Fireflies

Each year when summer comes along, we all look forward to different things. Some of us head to the beach, others to the mountains for camping. Some look forward to the epicurean delights like watermelon and ice cones. But for a select group of photographers in Japan, summer signals the arrival of fireflies. Tiny Fireflies have spread across the woods like paper lanterns, amazing and showcase breathtaking beauty of our nature. The specific time is very short periods typically occurs from May and June, from around 7 to 9pm. These photographers set off to secret locations all around Japan; eager to capture to magical beauty which will fade if sunlight penetrates. But make sure, one thing that makes these photographs so enchanted is that they capture views that the naked eye is simply unable of seeing. The photographs are usually composites, meaning that they syndicate anywhere from 10 to 200 of the exact same frame. 

That’s why it looks like swarms of countless fireflies have occupied the forest, when in actuality it’s much less. But that’s not to discount these photographs, which need insider information, equipment, ability and patience. Moreover, fireflies live for only about 10 days and they’re exceptionally sensitive. They respond negatively to any form of light and pollution, making finding them half the battle. The tiny winged beetles portraying images of this mystical glow is an accomplishment for most nature photographers. This small special moment of beauty is shared with the world through photos. Even though the real life views may be somewhat less dramatic, locals and tourists flock to magical events each year that celebrate the critters in all their glory. Therefore, here you have a chance to see some a selection of our favorites from the 2016 summer season. 

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