Friday, 2 September 2016

Furniture Create An Illusion Animals Are Emerging From Water

The talented designer “Derek Pearce” has expanded the possibilities of everyday furniture with his captivating Water Tables. Every one integrates an animal as both its base and a vital aesthetic element: the body of the creature seems to come up through the glass tabletop to generate the illusion that it’s floating freely in a river or lake. Therefore, in one of Pearce’s works, an otter bobs delightedly on its back between two rocks. Moreover, a hippo rests on its belly, with its grin just underneath the surface and its eyes popping up above. 

The pieces are both useful and delightful for lovers of animals and art alike, integration homeware with sculpture though drawing incorrigible smiles. Moreover, Pearce’s playful but adept aesthetic stems from a wide breadth of experience as a performer, stage carpenter, musical director, and teacher. He’s been building his Water Tables since 1997, and they have since been exhibited and sold all the way through America, Europe, and Japan. Thus, you can relish some of his most clever designs below, or purchase one for yourself on the Water Tables website.

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