Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Gorgeous Images of Deserted Cars Enveloped by Nature

Well, A Paris-based photographer Peter Lippman explores a world of stationary, abandoned cars overhauled by nature in his latest series titled “Paradise Parking”. The American-born photographer personal project that was 2 years in the making captures abandoned cars from yesteryear that are overcome by wandering roots and leaves from its nearby natural environment. The rusty vehicles are tarnished finish coupled with nature’s brimming shades of green and brown covering its extended limbs around the cars makes for a fascinatingly post-apocalyptic scene.

Peter Lippman says, when I first came across this series, I thought it looked weirdly alike to underwater shots of sunken ships. However, like the aquatic vessels covered in algae, these land vehicles are ravaged with moss, rotting and spoiling into its surroundings. These pictures also stand as prodigious evidence of past civilizations. Therefore, it’s stunningly captivating to see the old models of automobiles naturally buried in foliage over time. Moreover I’m very much interested to observed what these ransacked cars will look like in a few more decades. For now, the first worldwide showing of this series will soon take place in Brussels at Sophie Maree Gallery.

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