Friday, 3 March 2017

Incredible Pictures of Glowing Flowers

Southern California based 28 years old Photographed “Craig Burrows” photographs plants and flowers using a type a photography called UVIVF or with ultraviolet-Induced visible fluorescence. If you haven’t heard of it, that’s not a wonder, as it is a fairly unidentified process which brings out the glowing fluoresce in plant matter through the use of high-intensity UV lights.

Usually UV is removed through a camera’s lens, though Craig Burrows snaps with a 365nm LED light which is passed through a filter to transmit UV and infrared light. Hence, the amazing plant life absorbs this UV light and releases visible light at different wavelengths, which lets him to capture colors far more bright than those seen in a typical viewing condition.

Though Burrows has limited his photography to singular flowers and small arrangements, his next step is aimed at illuminating whole scenes, like gardens, glades, and greenhouses, with 100-watt floodlights. You can see more of the glowing plant portraits on his Flickr and portfolio site.

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