Friday, 14 July 2017

Chinese Red Eggs

Chinese red eggs are bright pink colored cooked chicken eggs. The eggs are first hard boiled and then a wet red calligraphy paper is wiped over the eggs to create a pink coloring. In the Chinese culture, it is common to hold at the baby´s first-month birthday a red egg and ginger party. For the Chinese, one month is the first huge milestone of a baby’s life, so it is celebrated with Red eggs. They are nutritious, symbols of fertility, rebirth. Red means happiness.

Generally the baby's name is announced to friends and relatives at this party, and one might find a bowl of brightly colored cooked chicken eggs on the guests' buffet or serving tables. The hosts might hand out the red-dyed eggs, symbolizing happiness and renewed life. These days, some people also will give red eggs to their friends and families to celebrate their birthday. Moreover, same to Western Easter eggs, in Chinese culture eggs symbolize birth or a new start. For eggs to be served to invitees during a significant birthday such as the first month or first year is very important. The color red means prosperity and good fortune to the Chinese, while white or beige is considered the color of death.

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