Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dubai’s World Record Breaking Largest Fireworks Display Ever

Dubai always in chase of something different which attracts tourist to be there to watch the world record breaking largest fireworks display ever! Amazing 500,000 fireworks were used in the 6 minutes display which covered a distance of more than 94 kilometer (Approximately 61.6 miles) and included the beautiful city seafront as well as Dubai's most prominent landmarks like the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and World Islands. An arduous planning behind the new fireworks when workers took ten months of planning to pull off the unbelievable accomplishment with 100 computers synchronizing the pyrotechnics with a musical soundtrack. To make sure that the fireworks' timing was accurate down to the millisecond, leading up to the event, over two hundreds professional technicians worked an amazing 5,000 hours.  It is well believed, that everyone knows that Dubai does things in grand style. Organizers "just" had to beating the world record of 2012 which display to mark Kuwait's golden jubilee anniversary where 77,282 fireworks were launched. It was an awesome display of fireworks, when Dubai broke that record within their first minute. It is well reported that 1.7 million people who attended the occasion, there was no doubt a slew of snappers capturing the spectacle. Here are some photos by those lucky enough to witness it all first-hand. If you’ve missed than you can watch the recently released video. What’s your thoughts whether it is wastage of money or attract tourist to come here in 2015 for another grand style fireworks?

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