Saturday, 4 January 2014

Puzzling Optical Illusion of a Hovering Tree Cut in Half

Art director Mario Schuster and Graphic designer have taken a solitary tree in Potsdam, Germany. They transformed it into a split, hovering trunk with nothing more than some paint and tin foil. To form the illusion, Siering and Shu wrapped a section of the tree in foil and proceeded to spray paint it in the likeness of the surrounding environment. From the precise angle, the tree appearances as though it is floating in mid-air. The talented artistic twosome, who transpire to be co-workers at ART-EFX (a company focused on crafting innovative commercial art and classical landscapes), have teamed up on this fun, personal project and gained a plentiful deal of attention from it already. However there's little information beyond their names, the city the tree is located in, and the minimal materials used, there's also not much that needs to be said about the puzzling optical illusion. We’re sure you’d like to check out the short video, below, to see just how effective the illusion is as joggers pass by in the background.

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