Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Mountain Photographer Spent 6 Years Photographing in Tent at Mountains

Well, my name is Karol Nienartowicz and I am a mountain photographer. I belong to Poland, and one day I decide to capture world’s most beautiful mountain.  For that purpose I’ve spent last 6 years, in traveling around Europe, climbing its majestic mountains and spending my nights in a tent in the wildest and most remote places. I normally like to capture sunrises and sunsets photographs, so I’d prefer to put my tent in beautiful landscape scenery. Thus, I decided to photograph my so-called “mobile home” in the magnificent mountain landscape.

My first experience to stay in the tent was in 2009 during the trip with my friend in Rodnei Mountains in Romania. I still remember that one night the temperature dropped to -10 degrees Celsius, and the other night we were survived in heavy snowfall and hurricane wind. Though, I was not frightened. I simply loved it and after that I returned from that trip I bought my own tent.

You know, my first tent was a Czech Hannah, model Troll, which sheltered me in whole traveled with me in Europe, and the highest peaks where I took it was at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the Swiss Alps at the foot of the Matterhorn, Valais. Therefore within five years of using Hannah, I used that tent in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and Ukraine, the Sudeten Mountains in Poland, the Balkans, Dinaric Mountains, the Alps in France, Switzerland and Austria, in the Scottish Grampian and Trotternish. Finally in August 2014, I decide to replace the old and heavily used Troll tent into a great tent made by Polish company Marabut, which was my partner in forming my photograph expedition to the Swiss Alps. Here you can check out my whole travelling photos. 

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  1. Mind blowing photographs!! I can’t keep my eyes off from these stunning mountain photographs. Hat’s off to this photographer who spent 6 years at mountains. Well, I am also learning photography from a domestic Port Macquarie Photographer. I would love to capture such photos!