Friday, 27 February 2015

Hanging Walkway Connects Two Offices, Allowing Workers to go For a Walk on Grassy Surface

Zalewski Architecture, a Polish architecture firm, has created an idiosyncratic concept that purposes to solve all of this a narrow, winding outdoor walkway that connects offices, permitting workforces to go for a walk on its green, grassy surface. The isolation from nature, sunlight and fresh air that many of us experience in offices can make working in them depressing and tiring.

The unique design is suspended over a courtyard, implication that it is well supported on all sides. The narrow walkway forms an excitement, winding grassy path but also serves another resolution at only 80cm (31in), it reduces the amount of sunlight that the walkway blocks from the courtyard below. The reflective underside also supports blur the walkway’s lines for viewers looking up at it from below. The idea may be problematic to implement due to building permits, but office employees around the world perhaps appreciate the thought!

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