Tuesday, 26 May 2015

American Woman Quit her Fashion Career Job to Build Sustainable Bamboo House in Bali

American lady Elora Hardy left her successful fashion career in 2010 in New York and decides to go back to her childhood home in Bali, Indonesia. Well, where she decides to build bamboo houses for permanent living. More than five years of span period, Elora and her team at Ibuku have revolutionized bamboo construction, have faith in that this plant is both underused and an ideal renewable resource. After treating this material with boron to make it indigestible to insects, the group of talented artists has formed numerous amazing bamboo homes in Indonesia. She says; when I first saw these structures at Green School under construction 6 years ago, I just believed, this makes perfect sense and it is growing all around us. It's strong with elegant appearance. The strongly built house is earthquake-resistant. Why hasn't this happened sooner, and what can we do with it next?" questioned the bamboo enthusiast during her TED Talk.

Elora Hardy was enthused to utilize bamboo by her father John Hardy, who developed the Green School, which features magnificent bamboo structures that reveal the sustainable principles the school is based on. With this great idea in mind, Elora went on to make the Green Village, a sustainably built village that redefines what it means to use bamboo as a tool for construction. Therefore, the key for me was opening up the options of bamboo, architecture, and design at a high-end level. So, i wanted to the make the Green Village change the perceptions of bamboo to a cooler material and use it in inventive ways. I love making inventive, attractive things using craftsmanship that can open up and preserve. Source: My Modernmet

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