Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Attractive "Duck Lanes" Made in England to Protect Birds alongside Busy Waterways

The Canal & River Trust is an ecological charity that is inspiring people to be watchful of the animals that share our beautiful environment. This organization is in charge for maintaining over 2,000 miles of busy waterways in both England and Wales. Therefore, alongside the canals, there are selected paths where you’ll find cyclists, boaters, walkers, fishermen, and even horses pulling boats across the water. To recap citizens that they must carefully and thoughtfully spend time beside these bodies of water, the trust has made their motto “share the space; drop your pace; indeed this is a special place.
To hit this point home, Canal & River Trust in recent times made a special lane that is precisely for birds, make sure that local wildlife is protected and accounted for. These duck lanes are visibly marked off by a white line, a stenciled silhouette of a duck, and the hashtag “share the space”. The organization have painted in duck lanes on the tow path, just to highlight that there’s only so much space you can share and actually perhaps ducks need the priority. Source: My Modernmet

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