Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Rearrange able Layers of Glass Form Spectacular 3D Landscapes and Seascapes

Lucie Boucher and Bernie Huebner of Stone Ridge Glass are the creators of Glass-capes, spectacular three dimensional sculptures made of layers of colored glass. A lot their works are interactive, meaning that the glass layers can be re-arranged to take on entirely different scenes. Moreover, for the seascape piece above, called Ocean Laughter II, the glass pieces each represent a distinct wave. They can be arranged like a restless ocean or a symphonic work of geometric art. Furthermore, the glass pieces are carefully hand-cut or sawn, ground, and beautifully painted with specialized pigments. Then, they are fused or fire-polished in an electric glass kiln. Though, to give the illusion that each landscape is floating in space, a dark hardwood base is used as a stand. To each of the pieces is illuminated by a radiant light that's at the rear of the hardwood base. The light beautifully reflects off the wall behind it giving the sculptures an otherworldly glow.

Therefore, by consecutively layering pieces of colored glass, the artists make exclusive three dimensional sculptures. Michael Monroe, a famous leading authority on American art glass and the former curator-in-charge at the Smithsonian Museum’s Renwick Gallery specified about Cathedral Dusk (the piece immediately below) , By using flat sheets of kiln-polished glass in layers separated by space, Huebner and Boucher’s Cathedral Series of sculptures flawlessly captures the subtle shading and layering effect of fog-shrouded mountain ranges. The internal lighting more adds mystery and drama to this peaceful landscape.”

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