Thursday, 19 November 2015

Japanese Art Store Lines Walls with Every Pigment Color

The Japanese company Warehouse Terrada and built under the architectural design of Kengo Kuma with a sleek, beautiful modern design and thousands of colorful hues lining its walls, the new “art supply laboratory” recognized as Pigment is an art lover's dream come true. Therefore, owned by this exclusive shop, based in Tokyo, acts as both a hub for artists to collect supplies and collaborate, as well as a venue that offers the chance for traditional material manufacturers to transport high quality products that have been passed down for generations to their clients.

However, the pigment is a unique concept art store that tries to go above and beyond, from stocking 4,200 colors of pigments to posing a range of art workshops and an in-house gallery that displays young artists. The laboratory makes an amusing experience for hobby artists and experts alike. Moreover employers that are specialists of painting tools are available to pass on information and advice regarding features and instructions on, how and what is the best way to use the supplies. Hence, the building was constructed using organic curved surfaces reminiscent of bamboo blinds, with an open space concept that “improves your imagination just by visiting.” With a warm welcoming environment, and sufficient variety of stock to fuel any inventive activities, Pigment is an art store that attempts to be more.

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