Tuesday, 17 November 2015

World’s First Building Covered with Evergreen Trees

Well, the talented Italian architect “Stefano Boeri” has abstracted a residential skyscraper that look like a vertical jungle. The huge 117-meter-tall tower will be built in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it will feature over 100 cedar trees, 6,000 shrubs, and 18,000 plants, adding together a green space of about 3,000 square meters. It is rightly called “La Tour des Cedres”, or “The Cedar Trees Tower”. The beautiful leafy structure will be the world’s first building to be covered with evergreen trees. This will also make Lausanne a cutting-edge city in the global test to implement urban worth together with sustainability and biodiversity. 

Furthermore Stefano Boeri defined to Dezeen. A private roof patio spaces will apiece include a tree, allowing inhabitants to have nature even though they are several stories high. Moreover, Boeri’s building will be set in the Chavannes-Près-Renens district of the city, and it will include apartment-style living with a number of units facing the next to Lake Geneva. In adding, the tower will have stylish offices, a perfect gym, and a panoramic restaurant on its top floor. The construction work is set to start in 2017. This the second of Boeri’s flora-centric designs, because in 2014, he completed Vertical Forest, two 112-meter-tall towers that include 1,000 different species of trees. Source: My Modernmet

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