Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Rare and Striking Rainbow Cloud Appears in the Sky

Well, sometimes unnoticed imaginations convert into rare and unique shapes. Just like a stunning phenomenon picture was captured floating high above Eastern Victoria, Australia. It almost seems to be a portal to one more dimension, complete with a rainbow makes a gesture to the other side, but there’s a scientific explanation for these bewitching cloudy formations recognized as fall streak holes. It starts with a process famous as supercooling.

Therefore, supercooling is when the temperature of a liquid is lowered below freezing without it becoming a solid. In this state, the particles will crystallize if even a single “seed crystal” is available to trigger the process. The Bergeron Process is when a mixed phase cloud, containing supercooled liquid and ice, undergoes rapid crystal growth in the center though the water around rapidly evaporates this is what gives you that hole-punched-out-in-the-middle-of-the-sky effect.

Moreover Fall streak holes are originated by a drop in atmospheric pressure and temperature which familiarizes ice crystals into a cloud that has a combination of liquid and super-cooled liquids. Hence, an aircraft flying through a cloud with these conditions can set off a domino effect and start this bizarre marvels. Nevertheless, also recognized as sky punches, or hole punch clouds these natural events are attractive and unusual, rare enough that they are often mistaken for UFOs. Check out some other examples of this extraordinary effect.

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