Friday, 6 November 2015

Indian "Birdman" Cares more than 4,000 Exotic Green Parakeets

An old Indian man has the habits to get up early to cook pots of rice for his pet birds. The 62 years old man normally wakes up around 4:00pm to look after their pet birds, which is roughly 4000 pet birds to be exact. Almost everyone knows about the tsunami struck in Asia ten years ago, he’s the resident of Chennai India, and worked as a camera repairman, he noticed two green parakeets perched on his back porch. Initially he thought, that these birds may have been displaced due to natural disaster, which was right later on, and he decided to give them a loving home. As the time goes, he started to think about increase the number of birds and new pets nested and started a family. Therefore, after even more time passed, this feathered family grew considerably to include about 4,000 birds. The big issue was to arrange food for them, then Sekar decided to spends more than 40% of his income to purchase their food, which adds up to an impressive amount of rice. He has arranged cooking their two daily meals; the kindhearted man serves his exotic birds on the roof of his home. It's no wonder why neighbors kindly refer to Sekar as "Birdman."

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