Thursday, 3 March 2016

Chef Decorates Cookies with Intricate Embroidery-Inspired Designs

Some artists are extremely thoughtful to make something different. There is a lot of amazing food creations appearance too good to eat.  A Chef “Judit Czinkné Poór’s” has made a cake and cookies are no exception! Called “Mézesmanna”, her cake-decorating shop creates inspiring designs on everyday confections. Therefore, Poór’s expertise is evident with all of her baked items, which include elaborate illustrations of people and animals. Though, it’s the complicated, embroidery-inspired floral patterns that truly fascinate us.

Moreover, to create such elusive compositions, she uses multiple icing-piping tools. Skillfully handling the individual colors like a set of fine-tipped pens, Poór’s fluently draws stunning blooms and frilly lace onto the surfaces of the sweets. Everything is done totally freehand and without the aid of a tracing or sketch. You can see Poór’s one of popular videos there’s a enthralling rhythm to her perfect handiwork that you have to see to have faith in.

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