Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Creative Lush Garden Garage Idea Wins Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show

Well, garage is a place, where you pass frequently throughout the day and night. An adorable garage gives the real essence and feeling of satisfactions. So, a garage may be sound like an unseemly environment for lush green scenery.  The artist Kazuyuki Ishihara built an eye-catching garden with a vintage car parked in during the Chelsea Flower Show in London. 

The award winning artist Ishihara presented Senri-Sentei, built a two tiered structure with an ample plot of plant life on its roof, with a chair / table in a room, provides comfortable resting place for a vintage car, making an amazing synchronization between greenery and garage. Therefore, Ishihara’s landscaping business Kaza Hana, is based in Japan toured around Europe to source the foliage for the flower show design. He’s been competing in flower shows since 2004, and more than ten years’ experience behind him to travelling around the world to show his creativeness. 

 So, the accomplish experience understand him to acquaint the London audience with his foreign aesthetic. Moreover, Japan has a specific affection for moss because it grows so adequately in its humid climate, however in the UK’s drier air is inhospitable to the plant form, so the Flower Show judges weren’t primarily eager to accept it as an important element in Ishihara's landscaping. In 2012, the first time, his efforts were truly admired and he earned his first gold medal and he has gone on to do so every year since. Consequently, this year's award in the “Artisan Gardens” category marks his 5th consecutive win, owing to his groundbreaking inspiration and vision. Source: Charismatic Planet

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