Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Horn House, Man Collected 15,000 Antlers Over 60 Years

This is a super natural world, when you dip in thoughts of people hobbies. Every human being has different hobbies and you would be surprise to come know about unique interests. Just like a Montana man who is lust of bone collection. Thus, inside his bizarre “Horn House”, more than 15,000 antlers collected in his 60 years career. The entire house is covered with antlers, horns and skulls, which he has collected over a 50 years. The man’s obsession is rowing the bones in a lovely way, stacked on the walls, or carefully dangled from the ceiling.  The collector James Phillips has named it “The Horn House”.

James Phillips has started to collect the bones when he was a boy, a curious, enthusiasts to gaze his eerily beautiful collections. As a child, he was lived in Gallatin Canyon, and would regularly hike the area’s vast public land, fascinated with discarded antlers being claimed by nature in the hillsides. His younger days were mostly spent in scouring the ground for a glint of bone shed by whitetails, mule deer, elk or moose. And mostly he stored in an old shed in his backyard in town.

 He’s quite different to others, when he trying to figure a way to stack the antlers to best view of them. He didn’t pile, just like others do. For those, who has interest in to view his collections, are warmly welcomed by him free of charge. The antlers he started gathering nearly 60 years ago are now available to view, hence visitors flock to gaze inside and, irrespective of whether they have a personal interest in antler gathering or not, they are said to have a common reaction when the doors are thrown open.

Moreover, some of his collection includes 'atypical' antlers, which have grown in an inverted shape, or doe skulls with twiggy horns. Thus, from the past few years, his fascination with the antlers has proven lucrative; particularly most of the antlers have been sourced for free. Therefore, his true passion lies in antler sourcing from the landscape, he has also dabbled with hunting. His 80% harvested antlers have been sourced within 100 miles of Three Forks, but there are also antlers in the mix from eastern Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota and elsewhere. 

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