Tuesday, 7 June 2016

In Singapore, Vending Machines Offers Knowledge instead of Junk Food

Spreading knowledge is priority in Singapore, rather than rejoicing with junk food out of a vending machine. Time has never left you to make you feel easy with Bookworms instead of grabbing unhealthy foods. The basic purpose behind the bookworms is to feed your brain with extensive words and smart knowledge. The present generation is more inspired with junk foods instead of getting knowledge. These junk foods are extremely unhealthy for their brain and physical health.

Therefore, a local bookstore gets a unique idea to fixed two book vending machines at high traffic areas of the Asian City-State. The third machine will soon be installed at the Goodman Arts Center which doubles as Singapore’s headquarters for the National Arts Council. These books machine actually located at the National Museum of Singapore and the Singapore Visitor Center. The books collection mainly featured a curated selection of up to 150 texts with an exclusive focus on community publisher and authors.

Moreover, the rare appliances were inspired by Penguin Books’ Penguincubator, which was first introduced in London during the 1930’s. This unique concept actually server the locals to have a distinct knowledge through vending machines. The entire concept is about accessibility and eyeballs. The owner of bookstores, Kenny Leck said, the vending machines could be a visual touchpoint, and you may not buy a book, but we’ll let you know these exist. Moreover, there could be more possibilities of spreading knowledge among peoples. The enrichment also acts as unconventional marketing for the company. This is a great idea, to get the success in the market and disseminating knowledge among different cultures. If the company converts the habits of locals from junk food to knowledge, then it will be a massive success for us. 

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