Friday, 17 June 2016

Magnetized Planters Let Your Garden to Levitate in the Air

Swedish researcher Simon Morris has been testing levitating plants, trying to grow common flora while suspended in the air. This system is called “LYFE”, comprises of a planter that hovers just over an oak base powered by strong magnetism. The invisible force field house plants are able to hover while also turning sluggishly to give alike sunlight to each of their sides. He always inspires with air plants in mind, ability to grow without soil and hides a tiny drainage system to prevent overwatering.

Moreover every “LYFE” planter is designed as a geodesic form, paired slightly with its discrete base to draw responsiveness to the action of the vessel rather than the piece itself. On their website you can read more about LYFE on their Kickstarter and see Morris’s other floating home accessory FLYTE. 

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