Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Combination of Natural Stone and Resin Coffee Table Brings the Relaxing Beauty of the Ocean Indoors

If you give a chance to make a table of excellence then how do you go about it? The talented designer Alexandre Chapelin of LA Table, indeed a masterful table should be exclusive and visually appealing. It has a soulful and something unique story to tell. It has to be contemporary and surprising. The coffee table story starts with a base of natural stone beautifully carved to replicate Earth’s plateaus and Cliffside’s as they plunge deep under sea level. However, it designed as models of the island of St. Martin in the French West Indies. 

Though, Chapelin take a natural bock of natural stone and include resin to create a compact block to have the impression of having the ocean in your living room. So, Chapelin technique and the aesthetic charm behind his fresh design is a continuation of his Lagoon series. So, it celebrates the real beauty of planet earth vast bodies of water. Moreover their combinations of stone resin add a recognizable pairing of elements in the natural world and he used natural stone marries perfectly with the resin that represents the ocean. Furthermore, the distinctive piece of furniture is a study in oceanography, as well as a sole piece of decor to individualize any room it sits in. So, count the layers of rock and water within, and feel yourself get lost in its serenity. 

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