Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Mesmerizing Kinetic Sculpture Glitters like the Sun

The Opening Ceremonies for the 2016 Olympics were extremely remarkable with amazing light projections and dazzling performances that lit up MaracanĂ£ Stadium, presents delighting viewers across the world. When the Olympic ceremony concluded attention turned towards the cauldron, a huge kinetic sculpture formed by artist Anthony Howe. Thus, it is measuring 40 feet in diameter; and massive two-ton piece symbolizes the sun with elegant, enthralling movements that represent the journey of life.

The elegant sun sculpture shining brightly in the darkened stadium, the spiraling metallic elements glittered with illumination that undulated above the crowd. The artist says my vision was to replicate the sun, by using movement to mimic its palpitating energy and reflection of light. I’m hoping what people take away from the cauldron, the Inaugural Ceremonies, and the Rio Games themselves is that there are no limits to what a human being can accomplish. Hence, this dazzling show captivates the heart of entire audience. Moreover to witness the sculpture’s hypnotic effect, see it in action, below.

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